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Post-Manicure Nail Care Tips

After a manicure, your nails always look great but keeping them that way—especially if you lead a busy life—can prove challenging. As nail care experts, we’ll discuss some post-manicure nail care tips and cover some of the most common reasons we see beautiful manicures deteriorate.  

1. Stop Tapping 

From tablets to phones to keyboards and more, using your nails to directly tap on surfaces causes unnecessary stress that can cause them to crack, chip, or simply not last as long. If your nails aren’t too long, make sure the force of a tap is on your fingertip instead of the nail directly. For your smartphone, we find that using your index finger’s knuckle can be extremely effective (if you’re not typing something lengthy).  

2. Avoid Cutting or Filing 

While you may feel tempted to cut your nails or file them down as a matter of personal hygiene, be aware that doing either is a very easy way to break the solid surface of your nails’ polish. These actions will almost certainly cause cracking or chipping. If removing the polish and getting a new manicure isn’t an option, one of the best nail care tips we can offer is to buy the exact color of polish your nail salon used, so you can readily cover any surface issues that may arise, whether from cutting, filing, or everyday life. 

3. Your Nails Are Not a Tool 

If you’ve got longer nails, it can be tempting to use them to open packaging, peel off a label, or scrape gunk off of something. Even so, doing this can absolutely decrease your nail’s longevity. Very simply, one of the best nail care tips we can offer you is to be patient—use scissors or any other necessary tool for what you’re doing, so you can get a lot more time out of your manicure. 

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