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Different Nail Shapes for Your Next Manicure

Different Nail Shapes for Your Next Manicure

Before you step into the salon, find inspiration by checking out the different nail shapes for your next manicure. This will ensure you get the perfect nail shape for your lifestyle. While long nails work great for some people, they’re not ideal for everyone and require different upkeep than short nails. With the perfect nail shape, you’ll be fashion-forward!


Since round nails create the illusion of longer fingers without the hassle of having long nails, many people with an active lifestyle love them. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about the pain of breaking a nail since round nails are short and curved at the edges!

What the best thing about this simple cut? You can paint them virtually any color and still be in style because this nail shape is a classic.


Just like round nails, oval nails give the appearance that your fingers are long and slender; however, oval nails are typically medium to long, giving your hand an elegant, feminine look! Oval nails look great with French nail tips, a half-moon technique, or one-of-a-kind nail art.


Just like rounded and oval nails, square nails require very little maintenance; these are great if you’re looking for some shape but want to keep your nails short. Hoping for a charming design to look fashion-forward? Get a beautiful ombre or metallic rose gold to highlight the edges of this shape!


Also known as ballerina nails, these are great for anyone hoping to leave the salon with an unconventional nail style that makes a statement. The silhouette of a coffin cut nail is a lot like a ballet slipper, with its angles and flat edges. They look great when painted with a matte or shimmer polish.

Although maintaining this shape with natural nails is challenging, you can achieve and maintain them easily with acrylics!


Known for their length and dramatic look, stiletto nails are sure to make a statement with their narrow edges and sharp points! These nails look great with an ombre design due to their length, but delicate shades of pink or natural tones also look wonderful on shorter stiletto nails.


Lastly, almond nails are ideal for those with naturally narrow nail beds but look great on anyone looking for a chic, feminine style! Since this nail shape flatters your fingers and suits any occasion, the colors you can choose range from eye-catching reds to muted monotones.

As you begin planning your next trip to the nail salon, keep the different nail shapes for your next manicure in mind. Whether you want something elegant and low-maintenance or bold and eye-catching, NaiLaCarte can meet all your fashion needs. As you search for the best nail salons in West Loop, Chicago, make an appointment and check out NaiLaCarte!

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