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Top Tips for Making Your Manicure Last

Top Tips for Making Your Manicure Last

There’s nothing quite like a good pampering at the nail salon. If you’re getting a manicure for a fun night out as a treat, make it last! Beautiful nails are fun to show off, especially when they have a beautiful design. Our beauty experts have a few top tips for making your manicure last that you need to know for a long-lived manicure!

Keep Your Nails Short

Long nails are fun and look great once you shape them, but they come with their challenges. Long nails are more prone to breaking, which means ruining your perfect manicure. However, this doesn’t mean your nails have to be down to the nub.

Next time you go to the salon, talk to the nail technician if you’re unsure what length is best. Those working at NaiLaCarte are experts and can help you determine a length that looks great and lasts. After all, the best manicure looks fantastic and lasts a long time!

Carefully Select Polish

If you want a manicure to last, take the time to think about which polishes you choose. Chip-resistant polish and topcoats will extend the life of your manicure. As a bonus, it also helps to hydrate your nails while keeping the manicure strong and protected.

Don’t Forget Base and Topcoats

Applying a basecoat is crucial, but many skip this step outside of the salon. Basecoats help your manicure last by making the nail surface smooth, so your nails are less likely to chip. But remember to apply it sparingly; a thick layer will ruin your manicure.

And don’t forget the top coat! The top coat protects the polish underneath. You can preserve any manicure by reapplying a top coat every two to three days. This keeps it fresh and ensures your beautiful nails stay protected.

Extra Beauty Tips

There are a couple more top tips for making your manicure last. For instance, ditch the jacuzzi and hot baths. Submerging your nails in water for too long could ruin the perfect manicure! Also:

  • Wear gloves when cleaning

  • Don’t bite your nails

  • Let your nails dry completely

  • Use nail oil regularly

Taking good care of your nails is essential to making sure a manicure lasts long-term. Another great tip to remember before painting your nails is to roll your polish—don’t shake it. This removes air bubbles which will cause it to chip.

There’s nothing quite like getting a manicure at the salon. If you’re in the windy city and looking to get your nails done, get a no-chip manicure in the Chicago Loop at NaiLaCarte!

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