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Nailed It: Summer Manicure Trends To Try This Summer

Nailed It: Summer Manicure Trends To Try This Summer

Are you looking for what’s hot in nail fashion this summer? You could go with a bright shade, fun tips, a shimmering coat, or something more unique! Nail art always allows for customization, and some designs such as flowers and hearts are growing in popularity this summer. Keep on top of your fashion game and follow the summer manicure trends to try this summer!

Heart It Up

Hearts are always adorable, and they’re a classic design choice! If you’re looking for inspiration on stepping up your heart-design game, go for one inspired by emoji hearts. You could also get negative-space hearts or even floating hearts!

All In the Tips

Whether you’re painting your tips orange, red, pink, or another color, this design is hot! Some have even opted for a deep French tip and a half-moon painted at the nail base. This beautiful design uses negative space to show off the natural nail with the slightest splash of polish along the tip, base, or both.

Something Tropical

Why not get a design that’s tropical and fun? Nothing says summer like strawberries, watermelons, and pineapples. Best yet, the colors used in these designs are always in fashion when summer comes around, so you can look fun and trendy!

Other’s leave their nails natural and only have a design of the fruit of their choice painted in the center. Whether you want a design that’s simple or flashy, both are perfect for the summer!

Hottest Colors

When it comes to baseboards and nail art, some colors will be more popular than others this summer. White and natural shades are always in style because they’re classic; white is a color that serves every outfit with beauty and elegance. If you want to keep on top of your fashion game with vibrance, try out various shades of blue or:

  • Bright yellow

  • Spearmint

  • Coral red

  • Candy pink

Luckily, if you can’t settle on just one color because they’re all so tempting, rainbow nails are absolutely in style!

These are some of the hottest summer manicure trends to try this summer! As you pick a design, remember to get what makes you happy, whether it’s something new or a classic. Go to NaiLaCarte if you’re looking to get an amazing manicure or pedicure in Chicago, so your nails look perfect this summer. You could get a unique design, go for a trendy color, or blend the two!

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